A CCTV Installation Dubai Needs to Do it the Walt Disney Way

A CCTV installation Dubai amusement parks need is here. There are some people who may laugh the idea off and not think of it to be serious business but the truth remains that modern day retail stores, quick service restaurants and malls are expected to be nothing short of amusement parks. It makes enormous good sense then to assert that retail business units have some vital business lessons to learn and implement to get serious results from customer relationship management. The point is that Walt Disney was not just about entertaining kids. It was and is even today also as much about keeping customers happy.  A CCTV installation can be the perfect foil to practices of human behaviour improvement and emotional intelligence. The point is that emotional intelligence is the key to the concept of gross national happiness, one of the indices of economic prosperity that is being used and soon catching the attention of practicing managers and economists across the world.

An experiment was conducted at the Disneyland in the United States of America and all staff on the floor of the amusement park from those sitting at the ticket counters to those checking the entry of customers and the ones at the exit were asked to smile at customers during their interactions and add a personal touch to communicating with them. The experiment was conducted over a period one month and the results were noted. It was observed that revenues had begun to grow, repeat visits by people with their friends and family had begun to rise and people were enjoying their visits and recommending Disneyland to friends and family. The results were not amusing and surprising to the least but proved that emotional intelligence when practiced, deliver results. This is the lesson that retail business enterprises in Dubai can wake up to. The point is that a CCTV installation is the device that can set the ball rolling.

Let us try to envisage this. First human behaviour shows rapid and more intense changes when they know that they are being watched. Second, it is important to understand that the feedback of the customers is as important as is the effort of the staff. This entails the use of video recording to watch the results on a daily basis. The third point is that the results need to be improved on a daily basis. This can happen gradually when employees are told of the subtle nuance of their behaviour towards customers and enabling them to learn the science of emotional intelligence. Dubai is not short on technology, capital and people. The combination of things needs to be seen in a new perspective as argued above and with the brand new CCTV installation Dubai business enterprises may have at their disposal they can look forward to creating a million smiles for every million transactions completed.


Saloon Software Dubai Has for the Generation Next Hair Styling

Saloon software Dubai offers for next generation hair styling is now taking all saloons by a storm. The words are pregnant with the meaning that one wants to decipher. In the modern day hair dressing is considered passé. It is now called hair styling. It makes enormous good sense to assert that the fundamental change in the perception of hair styling has been brought about by the addition of essential components of service and customer relationship management to the science of hair styling. A saloon today is seen doing much more than just cropping a customer’s hair and cutting it to size. Today a saloon cuts hair to style not to size. Given that we have admitted about the sense of professionalism and systematic approach to hair styling, we now take a look at the different functions that have made this change possible.

salon-software1First there is the aspect of queuing up all customers or giving them appointments so that personalized attention can be given to each of them as their turn comes. This calls for accurate time and task management by means of archiving the time and date slots that are available for the same. This streamlines the time consumption and engagements of both the saloon staff and more importantly for the customers so that they do not have to wait in queues and get their personal agenda going without any hassles.

Second there is the point of understanding the time span required to curate the hair and looks of individual customers and to check the availability of the personnel adept at carrying out those functions. This means that the personnel need to understand that each customer requires something different and that has to be delivered astutely in order to gain the customer’s loyalty. This calls for customer relationship management of the highest order. Dubai today is no stranger to posh marriages and parties and the average consumer in Dubai is willing to spend on lifestyle products and services. The question therefore for saloons in Dubai is to ask how they can perform these functions to present themselves as lifestyle brands.

Third, saloons in Dubai need basic minimum business process automation in order to upgrade themselves to the level that customers expect them to. This up gradation is only possible by making use of salon software that allows the saloon personnel to utilize their capacities to the maximum and achieve more. Saloon software performs these tasks mentioned above with ease and efficiency and allows them to act like modern day organized retail business enterprises. Saloon software that Dubai has is affordable and reliable and it is time that saloons took notice of the fact that as long as they have the services to show to the customer, the customer will always have the extra pound to spend.

A Wireless Camera Dubai Offers for State of the Art Security

sony-ccd-420tvl-camera2The wireless camera Dubai offers is one of its kinds and redefines the landscape of technology for security. While there is no dearth of security options in Dubai, the truth is that there is nothing beyond the deployment of a CCTV security camera that works on the wireless mode. Dubai is the home to a marvel of civil engineering in the form of Burj Khaleefa and hence with the activism and energy of business enterprises that have been flying high on the growth path need to move on to the best possible options of streamlining workplace and business security. It is in this context that the CCTV camera Dubai offers is a simple yet effective technology that can be put to ample good use for productivity, security and discipline at the work place. The best part is the portability that it offers. As the name suggests a wireless CCTV camera Dubai offers is the best way to streamline security and even enhance operational control on the premises of the workplace.
Given that there are so many options in Dubai, why settle for a CCTV security camera? We have the answers. Check them out.

It is more than a CCTV Security Camera

A CCTV security camera is in reality more than just a security device. With the real time footages of the workplace pouring into the corner office of the top management it makes good sense to assert that decision making for increasing productivity, quality, organizational discipline, emotional intelligence and a lot more can be undertaken with ease and efficiency. So the device doubles up for not just security but a host of other purposes as mentioned here. This beyond doubt makes the spending on a CCTV security camera a wise one. The returns on spending are more than justified in terms of the benefits that one can get from the device.

Portability is the Name of the Game

A wireless camera Dubai offers the best possible bet to business enterprises on portability. With the new wireless camera Dubai has, business enterprises do not have to stay stuck at one place in order to monitor the progress of work or supervise a business process and can be platform agnostic and even watch the video footages later on multiple times from anywhere in the campus while attending to their work. Time budgeting, cost budgeting and operational controls are few of the benefits of using the best wireless camera Dubai offers.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to transform your business security and workplace security with the all new wireless camera Dubai offers and take it to new heights like never before.

Dot Matrix Printers Offer More than the Old World Charm

Dot matrix printers have something about them that refuses to fade away with time. While many people shall argue that dot matrix printers are passé and that most business enterprises today have done away with them and in place brought the brand new ones, the point is that dot matrix printers have a lot more to offer than just the nostalgia of the yesteryears. These printers are as we shall see later still the obvious choice for many business houses that gun for cost efficiency in terms of deployment and the costs that are involved in refilling the printer cartridge. As such there are efficiencies of both economy and technology that can be derived from the usage of dot matrix printers and their corresponding printer cartridges. Let us take a close look at the merits that they offer.


  • The dot matrix printer prints out dots on the paper to form an image or text or any kind of font or graphics. An electromagnet or a solenoid makes the head of the pins to drive back and forth. Even though the pin is moving fast enough but still the overall speed of the printing is really slow. Along with that the number of pins in the head is also restricted. Due to this reason, the quality output which dot matrix printer offer is always low in comparison with the other types of printers like laser printer or ink jet printers. But keeping this fact aside, dot matrix printers still have many advantages and that is the reason why it is still widely used.
  • Dot matrix printers are really less expensive. As they are so cheap it is easy to buy and use. The affordability factor of a printer can hardly be ruled out especially if the purchase is being made for business and professional usage.
  • The maintenance cost of dot matrix printer is also low. This is yet another reason that adds to the economic efficiency of the dot matrix printer.
  • The cost of printing of dot matrix printer is also low. The price of ink ribbon of dot matrix printer is also less and the lasting time is also high. This adds a third layer of economic efficiency and reduces the total cost of printing per annum.
  • Dot matrix printers last for a long period of time and it don’t need replacement soon as they are very robust. The durability of a dot matrix printer rules out the necessity to change a printer very soon and hence reduces revenue expenditure.

As such if you are just about to make a purchase of a dot matrix printer then do not forget the merits that we have mentioned above.

A Warehouse Management System Dubai Offers for Ecommerce Companies

An efficient warehouse management system Dubai offers is probably the need of the hour for ecommerce companies. Given the fact that ecommerce companies do not have major capital expenditure requirements upfront there is this misconception that liabilities of fixed asset creation are negligible. The authentic truth is that despite the fact pure eCommerce companies that pursue the online business strategy do not have establishment costs it is equally true that for them to succeed they need to invest considerably in the creation of fluid, efficient and productive warehouse management systems that work all along the supply chains to ensue synchronization between the back end and front end. To this extent there is many a great warehouse management system Dubai offers to eCommerce companies. At posonesystems.com we offer you the best warehouse management system that takes into account different factors. While it may be difficult to create a complete and compact check list of parameters for the selection of a warehouse management system, yet it may be commented that some of the most important factors would include logistics replenishment and operational efficiency, minimum lock in costs and switching costs and easy maintenance. Let us now take a look at each of these two factors and how an efficient warehouse management system creates value for eCommerce companies in Dubai.


Logistics Replenishment and Operational Efficiency

In this era of cash on delivery and fast paced eCommerce, companies to find solutions to challenges of inflow and outflow of inventory into and from warehouses while maintaining the much required accuracy in the assessment of inventory inflow, replenishment systems and mechanisms, receipts and payments for inventories and other factors of operational efficiency. This is where there is a strong business case for eCommerce companies to switch from old, outdated and obsolete manual systems of warehouse handling to the modern day automated systems that can handle inventory management of large volume with ease.

Minimum Lock in Costs and Switching Costs

The next big concern with regard to the use of warehouse management automation is that eCommerce companies and clientele from other verticals rightfully fear the high lock-in periods, hidden factors of lock-in costs and switching costs that are deliberately set into the system design so that the clients have to stick to a single vendor for years and cannot look forward to engaging with other vendors for replacement, repair and maintenance. With the best warehouse management system Dubai has and being offered by posonesystems.com these issues are taken care of and there is no lock-in period and negligible switching costs.

The writing is on the wall for all ecommerce companies to heed. The next generation of battles for market supremacy will not be based on price competition. It will be based on squeezing out savings from an efficient warehouse management system and supply chain management system. Are your ready?

Biometric Systems Dubai Offers Can Streamline Office Security Like Never Before

The biometric systems Dubai offers can offer a new lease of life to office security in Dubai. Given that human resource management systems are passé for all practical purposes, there is actually no need to join a coding school or hire a coder for the sake of attendance. There are smarter and more efficient methods and devices for doing it. One such method is to opt for security gate systems, time attendance systems and biometric systems Dubai offers at reasonable costs and with a much better efficiency of functionality and performance. Given that a corporate office is supposed to be a place that is meant for visitors and guests for business transactions and public relations exercises. Hence office security needs to be streamlined and strengthened at lesser costs and with lower obligations of maintenance and repair. Micro, small and medium enterprises can now look forward to harnessing the power of cost effective time attendance systems, security gate systems at production units and biometric systems Dubai offers. Given that business has to be protected from external threats and that corporate governance calls for information disclosure on a need to know basis only it makes good business sense to create a system of entry and exit into the office based on the verification of fingerprints and in other cases on the basis of the scan of the retina of both the eyes.

time-attendance-systemsThere are ample instances of offices coming under threats of foreign agents and elements that pose risks to businesses. Business runs on the flow of information and hence there are instances where confidentiality is warranted and others when democracy is warranted. While no business can work under the iron curtain it makes good sense to assert that the flow of information on a need to know basis is best managed using a time attendance system. Also production units make use of highly valuable fixed assets, inventories and apparatus that need to be protected both during working and off-hours. It is prudent to have a security gate system at crucial entry and exit points on the campus of factories to liquidate foreign elements and investigate any intrusions that may happen. The security gate systems not only keep the premises safe but can relay information for diagnosis later on if required. It also rationalizes costs of deploying security personnel at each and every corner of the office and hence does not make an office look like a garrison. After all offices are meant to be business friendly? So what are you waiting for? Check out the best security gate systems and biometric systems Dubai offers.

Why Asset Tracking System is the Future of Surveillance Economy?

asset-tracking-systemsThe asset tracking system is widely being hailed as the future of surveillance economy. Given the fact that there has been so much of impetus on the use technology for automation it makes great business sense to assert that the decades bygone in the last millennium belonged to information technology and software. Looking ahead on the basis of things that have shaped up in developed countries and now in the emerging economies it is likely that the next millennium shall belong to micro level technologies that enable machine to machine communication and hence may be referred to as the age of surveillance economy or surveillance capitalism. Among the many disruptors that continue to hit the global economy with astonishing rapidity the most powerful instrument of efficiency, safety and security is the asset tracking system.

The asset tracking system doe snit qualify for a path breaking innovation or for that matter rocket science and yet deserves its rightful place under the sun because of a vast plethora of reasons.  To begin with the asset tracking system is a mechanism that enables firms in the corporate sector and also micro, small and medium enterprises to detect the mobility and status of corporate and business assets with real time insights thereby leading to a control on the fluidity and access to assets that are valuable and need to be under the direct command and surveillance of the top management. The need to protect corporate data, classified documents, legal documents and research & development artefacts on new product development, new market development and competitor analysis are just few of the numerous examples of instances that mandate the use of surveillance in the context of business.

It needs to remembered that as much as there is a need to collect business intelligence and information on competitors and threats, there is an equally pressing need to protect the in-house information from threats and information spilling over into unbound hands. The consequences needless to say can be disastrous.  It is in this context that there is a need to use an asset tracking system to streamline the flow of corporate assets and monitor the movement of the same along with the people that handle it anywhere, anytime and any device. In other words corporate surveillance needs to be agnostic of platforms for it to be efficient and productive without hampering the spirit of work culture and team work that corporations have. The asset tracking system Dubai offers is affordable, consistent in terms of performance and enables corporate executives to monitor their valuables from outside the workplace. It is time Dubai based firms engaged in improving the quality of strategic and operational control by means of use of the best asset tracking system Dubai offers.