A Wireless Barcode Scanner Can Increase the Revenue of the Handicrafts Industry

motorola-mc-3100-scannerA wireless barcode scanner can change the perception that customers have about the quality and branding of the handicrafts industry in emerging economies. Given that many emerging economies come with the baggage of a colonial past, their local handicrafts industries have always been subject to multiple threats in the free market and today their condition is such that many of this micro, small and medium enterprises is on the verge of extinction. There are many reasons behind this unfair fate that handicrafts industries in emerging economies have been subject to. Of the reasons that prevail and make business sense, it has been found that customers in the developed countries and even in the upwardly mobile elite class of developing countries regard branding as an index of quality. This misperception leads them into thinking about the credentials of the manufacturer, the popularity of the product and the quality of the product. The truth is that even the greatest economists believe that markets work on the basis of trust. This means that for trust worthiness to be created steps need to be taken by the makers of handicrafts. They need to make their voices heard in the open market.

One of the ways in which they can make their voice heard is the use of a symbol scanner or a wireless barcode scanner that allows them to imprint a barcode number on the product that they are manufacturing. The imprint of the barcode number along with the information on the credentials of the manufacturer lends a solid element to the branding and packaging of these products, at times bringing them at par with the finished machine made goods that do the rounds in up market cities. The point is that a wireless barcode scanner is easy to use, quick, has low maintenance costs and can be replenished very soon for spares and batteries. As such the presence of barcode number immediately draws the attention of customers to the contact details of the makers of handicrafts and indirectly opens more windows of opportunities for them. In the free market that is ruled by the animal spirit of capitalism, chances need to be created and chances need to be used to adjust the direction of the sail to the direction of the wind.

There are at least one million ethnic groups and communities in Africa. Their handicrafts share the story of their culture, their traditions and their heritage. Only if somebody can tell these handicraft makers of the value of a wireless barcode scanner or a symbol scanner and ask them to use it, half the battle shall be won!


CCTV Camera Dubai Wants to Secure Children and Toddlers of Working Parents

The CCTV camera Dubai offers is just one great way to ensure that the children of working parents and couples are secure and safe at home. The truth is that Dubai and its people love living life on the fast track. There is no prize for guessing that the cosmopolitan demography of Dubai includes a lot of well-educated and upwardly mobile social elites that laser focuses on careers, economic growth and economic well-being. It may sound a bit philosophical but the truth is that every time that working parents move out of their residence together early on in the day and then come back at night only to nest, children are at the receiving end. While it does help to have a nanny or a maid or a domestic help to take care of the daily household chores, it is equally true that the feeling of parental care has absolutely no substitutes in this world.


While it is understandable that life in the 21st century is faster than ever before and hence requires men and women to work on equal footing, it makes enormous good sense to ask about the fate of children and more importantly their security and safety needs. How safe is it to leave children and especially toddlers at home at the hands of maids and domestic helps? The world is held together by trust and therefore it makes sense to adopt means and ways to build trust. How about using a CCTV security camera? After all Dubai is the home to Burj Khalifa-the landmark monument of modern architecture. So why lag behind in anything? Especially the security of children that needs to be strengthened when parents are away from home!

A CCTV security camera allows parents to install it in any part of the residence and connect it to the laptop or the tablet and monitor the security and safety of their children at any point of time. Given that there may be exigencies and the maid or the domestic help may have to ask for advice and in worse cases may not have the time to do so it makes sense to install the best wireless camera Dubai offers. At office or in the car both the parents can keep looking for the developments back at home on the CCTV security camera and when ever required step in on the phone to say a simple Hello” to their children. A wireless camera Dubai offers is all that it takes to fortify the perimeters of the house. After all heart is where home is!

CCTV Installation Dubai Can Embrace at Public Places to Ensure Security to People

CCTV installation Dubai can access can be used to fortify the public places in Dubai and make them secure and safe for the citizens. Dubai has the stature and prestige that very few other cities in Asia can match. The elites of corporate citizenry have set up their shops and offices in Dubai. Talk of the Dubai Shopping Festival, an occasion that attracts millions of people to Dubai every year. More over Dubai is no stranger to tourism. As such the economic growth of the region along with the potential for tourism makes Dubai one of the most sought after places in Asia. A city and its streets are not assessed by the brick and mortar that it has. A city is assessed by the safety and security of its people. Can we do something to improve the security and safety of people in Dubai and take the city’s civil defences to the levels of London, Los Angeles and New York? The answer is yes.

We can make use of CCTV installation Dubai has to offer at various points across the regions and see to it that these places are safe, secure and being monitored round the clock not just by the legal authorities but the people like you and me. Safety and security is not just the responsibility of the police and the district courts. It is as much the responsibility of the common folks. There are numerous public parks, malls, shopping complexes, hospitals and educational institutions in Dubai that experience a foot fall of more than 2 lakhs per day. These are areas bustling with energy, activity and entrepreneurship. These are the areas that need to be secured and strengthened. A CCTV installation at malls, shopping complexes, offices and even car parking avenues is not just an exaggerated idea. It is a proactive solution to an issue before it emerges. It is a proactive management technique that neutralises the very scope and possibility of anything going wrong by detecting suspicious elements and investigating to get to the bottom of the matter.

Proactive disaster management using CCTV installation is a science and is the way to move forward. It is better to be safe than sorry and hence makes sense to assert that the prevention is always better than cure. The converse is called fire fighting. We say that Dubai deserves better. Dubai deserves the best and hence its people got to be protected with CCTV installations at points that in times of normalcy are taken for granted but in some way or the other add gravity to the status of Dubai. Safety is a collective responsibility.

Using Time Attendance Systems to Create a Culture of Productivity

The time attendance systems at your office need not be the means to ensure punctuality only. It can also be used to for more constructive purposes at the office, factory or the workplace in general to create a culture of productivity and efficiency. This means that security gate systems and time attendance systems can be important tools in the hands of the human resources manager to streamline the work culture, add a zing to the efficiency agenda and motivate people to be disciplined. While the wise and the old in the corporate sector usually stress on the difference between discipline and motivation, the new generation of millennial human resource managers beg to differ. Who says that is not possible to motivate people to be disciplined? As long as people are rewarded on a regular basis to be disciplined at the work place they shall continue to be disciplined. This is where the use of time attendance systems in a new avatar makes sense.

The usual agenda of the human resource manager is to see to it that people are engaged at work during working hours at the work place. This leads to the false notion that as long as people are engaged they are being productive. This is not necessarily true. People may be engaged at work, lost deep in thought, drinking cups of coffee over solving an issue at the office and yet as the bell tolls in the evening, one may realize that the day has not brought about any change to the agenda and that we have not moved forward. Then what is the point of being engaged? Rather the aim of the human resource manager should be to set the record straight to the employees and tell them of the rewards for being decisive, quick and precise, instead of telling them the converse. Being on time to work is important but it’s more important to complete work on time. This may be initiated by setting the time attendance systems in place at the time a new assignment is handed over to them. The moment the communication ends and the work on a new project starts, let the team members be told that the clock is running away and that they need to complete the work at hand at the earliest not to be hasty but to be more productive. The teams and individuals that report to the boss on completion of their assignments may be suitably rewarded at the end of the month and may, also be permitted to feature on the social media gallery of the company-face of the month for on time work. Time attendance systems can do the trick!

Barcode Scanner Dubai Offers for Publishers and Educators of Tomorrow

Barcode scanners Dubai offers to publishers and educators of tomorrow are great sources to improve the quality of study materials that reaches out to students in the market. While barcode scanners have been in vogue for a long time now in the manufacturing sector, it is time for the publishing and the education verticals to jump into the fray as front runners of a modernisation and overhauling drive. The use of barcode scanner in the field of publishing go a long way in protecting the interests of the academic institutions, the authors and the publishers while enabling them to fight piracy and plagiarism. In fact counter trade in the grey market can also be fought with and effectively dealt provided that barcode scanners are used to imprint barcode numbers in order to identify, record and restore books and new editions of the books as they appear in the market. In the next few sections we take a look at the issues that affect the publishing world and how the use of barcode scanners Dubai offers, can rescue academic institutions, authors and publishers.

Plagiarism and Infringement of Copyrights

These are the days of search engines and social media. Search engines like Google maintain an active directory of books, scholarly articles and journals on Google Scholar. These works of academicians can be referred to by students and accessed on a paid basis. It is worthwhile to note that a text book that conforms to international standards is required to have an ISSN number on the back cover page. This ISSN number is to be imprinted using a barcode scanner. Publishers can do well to cite the ISSN number imprinted using barcode scanner on Google Scholar so that people using and downloading the book get to know that the work is an original effort of the concerned authors, institutions and publishers.

Counter Trade in Books and Duplication of Books

Imagine a Harry Potter being replaced with a Harry Poddar! It may sound strange and yet in a world inhabited by evil elements, it is very much a possibility. Yet again, name changes are so subtle that readers may at times ted to mistake the duplicate for the original. Few examples are Ranjit Kapoor and Rony Kooper, Sampat Mukherjee and Sampat Mukherji, etc. While others may laugh away at the bluntness of these examples it makes sense for publishers to make use of a barcode scanner to separate the grain from the chaff.
On a closing note we need to understand that academic resources are levers of knowledge. They need to be safeguarded so that the incentives of institutions, authors and publishers are not stolen by others. Here is wishing that barcode scanners Dubai offers are taken seriously by the academic community.

How Biometric Systems Dubai Offers Can Make a Difference to Financial Inclusion?

A biometric systems Dubai offers can make all the difference between financial inclusion and deprivation. Dubai offers great biometric systems that are easy to use, operate and understand and require the least maintenance and hence can be looked forward to further the purpose of financial inclusion and social engineering. Given that there are sceptics that may question the sue of access control systems like the ones based on biometrics in banking, there are some awesome results available from case studies done on countries that have adopted access control systems and biometric systems for security, governance and most importantly for financial inclusion of the poorest of the poor by enrolling them into the banking system by opening basic no frills accounts at zero costs and authenticating the sources of their incomes while enabling them to save as well. One such case is that of India that has successfully implemented the much coveted and appreciated AADHAR scheme for financial inclusion. Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for all residents. The number will be stored in a centralised database and linked to the basic demographics and biometric information – photograph, ten fingerprints and iris – of each individual. The details of the data fields and verification procedures are available here.

In India, Aadhaar recently completed the enrolment of a billion people in May, about five-and-a-half years after the programme was launched. In December 2015, UIDAI had reported that it had reached the landmark of linking 100 million (10 crore) Aadhaar accounts. The Indian government has made Aadhaar the pivot for delivering subsidies and other social welfare benefits directly to the people by transferring cash to their bank accounts, seeking to cut out middlemen and curb leakages. In June 2016, UIDAI partnered with banks like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, Allahabad Bank, Canara Bank for A Special Aadhaar enrolment drive for pensioners to help them avail the convenience of Jeevan Pramaan, an initiative of Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare, Government of India.

Given that Dubai is no stranger to the cutting edge technological platforms of the world and is beyond doubt one of the modern city states in the Middle East, it makes great sense to assert that the model of financial inclusion as practiced in India can be put to use with local adaptations in Dubai by the banking sector in order to bring more people under the ambit of formal and licensed banking institutions. Banks can make use of the available access control systems Dubai offers and come out with their version of the financial inclusion. Biometric systems Dubai offers are very much at par with the best in the world and hence it is an idea that deserves serious policy thought.

A Wireless Camera Dubai Offers for State of the Art Security

The wireless camera Dubai offers is one of its kinds and redefines the landscape of technology for security. While there is no dearth of security options in Dubai, the truth is that there is nothing beyond the deployment of a CCTV security camera that works on the wireless mode. Dubai is the home to a marvel of civil engineering in the form of Burj Khaleefa and hence with the activism and energy of business enterprises that have been flying high on the growth path need to move on to the best possible options of streamlining workplace and business security. It is in this context that the CCTV camera Dubai offers is a simple yet effective technology that can be put to ample good use for productivity, security and discipline at the work place. The best part is the portability that it offers. As the name suggests a wireless CCTV camera Dubai offers is the best way to streamline security and even enhance operational control on the premises of the workplace.
Given that there are so many options in Dubai, why settle for a CCTV security camera? We have the answers. Check them out.

It is more than a CCTV Security Camera

A CCTV security camera is in reality more than just a security device. With the real time footages of the workplace pouring into the corner office of the top management it makes good sense to assert that decision making for increasing productivity, quality, organizational discipline, emotional intelligence and a lot more can be undertaken with ease and efficiency. So the device doubles up for not just security but a host of other purposes as mentioned here. This beyond doubt makes the spending on a CCTV security camera a wise one. The returns on spending are more than justified in terms of the benefits that one can get from the device.

Portability is the Name of the Game

A wireless camera Dubai offers the best possible bet to business enterprises on portability. With the new wireless camera Dubai has, business enterprises do not have to stay stuck at one place in order to monitor the progress of work or supervise a business process and can be platform agnostic and even watch the video footages later on multiple times from anywhere in the campus while attending to their work. Time budgeting, cost budgeting and operational controls are few of the benefits of using the best wireless camera Dubai offers.
So what are you waiting for? It is time to transform your business security and workplace security with the all new wireless camera Dubai offers and take it to new heights like never before.