A Wireless Barcode Scanner Can Increase the Revenue of the Handicrafts Industry

motorola-mc-3100-scannerA wireless barcode scanner can change the perception that customers have about the quality and branding of the handicrafts industry in emerging economies. Given that many emerging economies come with the baggage of a colonial past, their local handicrafts industries have always been subject to multiple threats in the free market and today their condition is such that many of this micro, small and medium enterprises is on the verge of extinction. There are many reasons behind this unfair fate that handicrafts industries in emerging economies have been subject to. Of the reasons that prevail and make business sense, it has been found that customers in the developed countries and even in the upwardly mobile elite class of developing countries regard branding as an index of quality. This misperception leads them into thinking about the credentials of the manufacturer, the popularity of the product and the quality of the product. The truth is that even the greatest economists believe that markets work on the basis of trust. This means that for trust worthiness to be created steps need to be taken by the makers of handicrafts. They need to make their voices heard in the open market.

One of the ways in which they can make their voice heard is the use of a symbol scanner or a wireless barcode scanner that allows them to imprint a barcode number on the product that they are manufacturing. The imprint of the barcode number along with the information on the credentials of the manufacturer lends a solid element to the branding and packaging of these products, at times bringing them at par with the finished machine made goods that do the rounds in up market cities. The point is that a wireless barcode scanner is easy to use, quick, has low maintenance costs and can be replenished very soon for spares and batteries. As such the presence of barcode number immediately draws the attention of customers to the contact details of the makers of handicrafts and indirectly opens more windows of opportunities for them. In the free market that is ruled by the animal spirit of capitalism, chances need to be created and chances need to be used to adjust the direction of the sail to the direction of the wind.

There are at least one million ethnic groups and communities in Africa. Their handicrafts share the story of their culture, their traditions and their heritage. Only if somebody can tell these handicraft makers of the value of a wireless barcode scanner or a symbol scanner and ask them to use it, half the battle shall be won!


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