CCTV Installation Dubai Can Embrace at Public Places to Ensure Security to People

CCTV installation Dubai can access can be used to fortify the public places in Dubai and make them secure and safe for the citizens. Dubai has the stature and prestige that very few other cities in Asia can match. The elites of corporate citizenry have set up their shops and offices in Dubai. Talk of the Dubai Shopping Festival, an occasion that attracts millions of people to Dubai every year. More over Dubai is no stranger to tourism. As such the economic growth of the region along with the potential for tourism makes Dubai one of the most sought after places in Asia. A city and its streets are not assessed by the brick and mortar that it has. A city is assessed by the safety and security of its people. Can we do something to improve the security and safety of people in Dubai and take the city’s civil defences to the levels of London, Los Angeles and New York? The answer is yes.

We can make use of CCTV installation Dubai has to offer at various points across the regions and see to it that these places are safe, secure and being monitored round the clock not just by the legal authorities but the people like you and me. Safety and security is not just the responsibility of the police and the district courts. It is as much the responsibility of the common folks. There are numerous public parks, malls, shopping complexes, hospitals and educational institutions in Dubai that experience a foot fall of more than 2 lakhs per day. These are areas bustling with energy, activity and entrepreneurship. These are the areas that need to be secured and strengthened. A CCTV installation at malls, shopping complexes, offices and even car parking avenues is not just an exaggerated idea. It is a proactive solution to an issue before it emerges. It is a proactive management technique that neutralises the very scope and possibility of anything going wrong by detecting suspicious elements and investigating to get to the bottom of the matter.

Proactive disaster management using CCTV installation is a science and is the way to move forward. It is better to be safe than sorry and hence makes sense to assert that the prevention is always better than cure. The converse is called fire fighting. We say that Dubai deserves better. Dubai deserves the best and hence its people got to be protected with CCTV installations at points that in times of normalcy are taken for granted but in some way or the other add gravity to the status of Dubai. Safety is a collective responsibility.


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