Using Time Attendance Systems to Create a Culture of Productivity

The time attendance systems at your office need not be the means to ensure punctuality only. It can also be used to for more constructive purposes at the office, factory or the workplace in general to create a culture of productivity and efficiency. This means that security gate systems and time attendance systems can be important tools in the hands of the human resources manager to streamline the work culture, add a zing to the efficiency agenda and motivate people to be disciplined. While the wise and the old in the corporate sector usually stress on the difference between discipline and motivation, the new generation of millennial human resource managers beg to differ. Who says that is not possible to motivate people to be disciplined? As long as people are rewarded on a regular basis to be disciplined at the work place they shall continue to be disciplined. This is where the use of time attendance systems in a new avatar makes sense.

The usual agenda of the human resource manager is to see to it that people are engaged at work during working hours at the work place. This leads to the false notion that as long as people are engaged they are being productive. This is not necessarily true. People may be engaged at work, lost deep in thought, drinking cups of coffee over solving an issue at the office and yet as the bell tolls in the evening, one may realize that the day has not brought about any change to the agenda and that we have not moved forward. Then what is the point of being engaged? Rather the aim of the human resource manager should be to set the record straight to the employees and tell them of the rewards for being decisive, quick and precise, instead of telling them the converse. Being on time to work is important but it’s more important to complete work on time. This may be initiated by setting the time attendance systems in place at the time a new assignment is handed over to them. The moment the communication ends and the work on a new project starts, let the team members be told that the clock is running away and that they need to complete the work at hand at the earliest not to be hasty but to be more productive. The teams and individuals that report to the boss on completion of their assignments may be suitably rewarded at the end of the month and may, also be permitted to feature on the social media gallery of the company-face of the month for on time work. Time attendance systems can do the trick!


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