A CCTV Installation Dubai Needs to Do it the Walt Disney Way

A CCTV installation Dubai amusement parks need is here. There are some people who may laugh the idea off and not think of it to be serious business but the truth remains that modern day retail stores, quick service restaurants and malls are expected to be nothing short of amusement parks. It makes enormous good sense then to assert that retail business units have some vital business lessons to learn and implement to get serious results from customer relationship management. The point is that Walt Disney was not just about entertaining kids. It was and is even today also as much about keeping customers happy.  A CCTV installation can be the perfect foil to practices of human behaviour improvement and emotional intelligence. The point is that emotional intelligence is the key to the concept of gross national happiness, one of the indices of economic prosperity that is being used and soon catching the attention of practicing managers and economists across the world.

An experiment was conducted at the Disneyland in the United States of America and all staff on the floor of the amusement park from those sitting at the ticket counters to those checking the entry of customers and the ones at the exit were asked to smile at customers during their interactions and add a personal touch to communicating with them. The experiment was conducted over a period one month and the results were noted. It was observed that revenues had begun to grow, repeat visits by people with their friends and family had begun to rise and people were enjoying their visits and recommending Disneyland to friends and family. The results were not amusing and surprising to the least but proved that emotional intelligence when practiced, deliver results. This is the lesson that retail business enterprises in Dubai can wake up to. The point is that a CCTV installation is the device that can set the ball rolling.

Let us try to envisage this. First human behaviour shows rapid and more intense changes when they know that they are being watched. Second, it is important to understand that the feedback of the customers is as important as is the effort of the staff. This entails the use of video recording to watch the results on a daily basis. The third point is that the results need to be improved on a daily basis. This can happen gradually when employees are told of the subtle nuance of their behaviour towards customers and enabling them to learn the science of emotional intelligence. Dubai is not short on technology, capital and people. The combination of things needs to be seen in a new perspective as argued above and with the brand new CCTV installation Dubai business enterprises may have at their disposal they can look forward to creating a million smiles for every million transactions completed.


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