Why Asset Tracking System is the Future of Surveillance Economy?

asset-tracking-systemsThe asset tracking system is widely being hailed as the future of surveillance economy. Given the fact that there has been so much of impetus on the use technology for automation it makes great business sense to assert that the decades bygone in the last millennium belonged to information technology and software. Looking ahead on the basis of things that have shaped up in developed countries and now in the emerging economies it is likely that the next millennium shall belong to micro level technologies that enable machine to machine communication and hence may be referred to as the age of surveillance economy or surveillance capitalism. Among the many disruptors that continue to hit the global economy with astonishing rapidity the most powerful instrument of efficiency, safety and security is the asset tracking system.

The asset tracking system doe snit qualify for a path breaking innovation or for that matter rocket science and yet deserves its rightful place under the sun because of a vast plethora of reasons.  To begin with the asset tracking system is a mechanism that enables firms in the corporate sector and also micro, small and medium enterprises to detect the mobility and status of corporate and business assets with real time insights thereby leading to a control on the fluidity and access to assets that are valuable and need to be under the direct command and surveillance of the top management. The need to protect corporate data, classified documents, legal documents and research & development artefacts on new product development, new market development and competitor analysis are just few of the numerous examples of instances that mandate the use of surveillance in the context of business.

It needs to remembered that as much as there is a need to collect business intelligence and information on competitors and threats, there is an equally pressing need to protect the in-house information from threats and information spilling over into unbound hands. The consequences needless to say can be disastrous.  It is in this context that there is a need to use an asset tracking system to streamline the flow of corporate assets and monitor the movement of the same along with the people that handle it anywhere, anytime and any device. In other words corporate surveillance needs to be agnostic of platforms for it to be efficient and productive without hampering the spirit of work culture and team work that corporations have. The asset tracking system Dubai offers is affordable, consistent in terms of performance and enables corporate executives to monitor their valuables from outside the workplace. It is time Dubai based firms engaged in improving the quality of strategic and operational control by means of use of the best asset tracking system Dubai offers.


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