Wireless Camera for the Best Industrial Relations and Productivity

A wireless camera is just the device that manufacturing units need to boost industrial relations and create the amiable environment that is conducive to productivity in the factory premises. Dubai is the heart of international trade and investments in the Middle East and needs no introduction as an economy. As the city state of Dubai evolves from its traditional past into the futuristic cities of tomorrow, one thing is clear that it shall need to embrace labour reforms and best practices of human resource management in manufacturing units in order to steer free from the animosity and belligerence that is seen in emerging economies between the blue collar workers and the management. To this extent it makes enormous good sense to assert that as labour reforms and corporate restructuring exercises take place in Dubai there will be a greater focus on productivity and growth. The need to focus on productivity comes with its pressures of meeting deadlines, chasing down production targets and adhering to the toughest policies of quality management. This very often takes its toll on the working class and then leads to the bitter animosity between workers and management.

sony-ccd-420tvl-camera2While the traditional approach to industrial relations was based on maintaining decorum, order and discipline the brand new approach to industrial relations is to show compassion, personalize communication and appreciate concerns of individual workers rather than clubbing them into a single compact homogenous group.   The new approach to industrial relations is based on understanding the fact that workers need to be given space and freedom to work on their own without having to be supervised in person. This does not mean though that there is no need to collect information on developments as they take place on the floor of the unit. There is a need to keep an eye on the evolution of daily work in the factory and understand each and every aspect of workers’ behaviour at the premises of the factory but in keeping with their feelings. This is where there is a strong business case for the use of wireless camera Dubai offers for strengthening industrial relations without manual supervision.

The truth is that a wireless camera is a very simple and yet cost effective device to maintain the discipline that is required on the floor of the production unit while also seeing to it that the freedom of the workers to work and enjoy their stay at the workplace is not hindered in any way. It is true that as long as the workers are being watched by a wireless camera they will display behaviour of a different kind that is at its productive best. Is not the same thing that factories need for growth and productivity?


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