Turn Your Saloon into a Lifestyle Brand with the Best Saloon Software Dubai Offers

The best saloon software Dubai has can convert your saloon into a lifestyle brand. It is time that we gave a rethink to the concept of the old fashioned saloon for men that only offered the basic hair cut. Recall the Victorian era of Charles Dickens and you travel into the world driven by the school boys and mama’s boys who would line up to get the basic hair cut and would ask for the short cropped look for a vast variety of reasons. First there was the fear of being beaten up by parents, tutors and teachers at school and a short cropped hair would offer an advantage. Second the modern man was known to be disciplined and chauvinistic but not necessarily a fashionable one. Times have changed and so has the outlook of the metro-sexual man that indulges in self care and pampering oneself every now and then. As such the saloon of the day is not supposed to be a place that gives you a haircut. It is supposed to be a place for self care and fashioning a fresh new look for better image and self confidence that adds to the feeling of being a charmer in every sense of the word. It is in this context that a saloon software Dubai offers, can change the perception of men of saloons.

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Customizing the Saloon Services with Saloon Software

Why do men come to a saloon? What can be done to makeover your saloon so that more men come to it and keep coming time and again? One thing to do is to customize the services that a saloon offers by using saloon software. There is enough scope to archive information on offers, hairstyles, looks, and billing amounts, value added services and opportunities to cross sell and up sell more services. Let us tae for example, if staff at the saloon asked customers if they wanted to have a facial after the haircut? This would have the impact of sending the message that the staff care for the complete look of the customers and not just his hairstyle. There are personalised tastes and preferences that can be figured out and reminded to customers when they visit the saloon later on. Customization of services in a saloon using saloon software only adds up to the feel good factor of the customers and thus creates an opportunity to transform the saloon into a lifestyle brand.

Continuous Quality Improvement Using Saloon Software

Similarly billing automation and queue management at saloons can be better administered using saloon software. It not only reduces the pressure of handling large number of customers but improves efficiency of operations by storing all the billing and transactional information that can be analysed later for getting insights into steps that can be taken to improve the user experience even further. So what are you waiting for? Look for the best saloon software Dubai offers and get going on transforming your saloon into a lifestyle brand.


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