Why a POS System is a Must to Maintain Emotional Intelligence?

A great POS system at the cash counter for billing and invoicing is a must for maintaining that smile on the face of the person sitting there. While most people shall argue that a POS system is meant to execute billing, invoicing and barcode scanning of merchandise being sold to the customers, it makes great sense to assert that the final and most important moment of truth happens at the cash counter. The reason behind saying so is because a deal is not sealed unless transfer of ownership and custody of goods has taken place in lieu of the receipt. It is the exchange of value that seals the deal and indirectly ensures that business takes place. As such there is a need to see to it that the personnel sitting at the cash counter is not only efficient with the billing and invoicing but are also well behaved with a genuine etiquette that exudes warmth and salesmanship. For this to happen they need to be empowered with the best quality of POS systems, POS machine and POS terminal so that they get to execute their billing work while ensuring that there are still opportunities to cross sell and up sell products and that the customers exits from the shop floor completely satisfied.

What is the Role of a POS Terminal in Ensuring EI?

ebn-touch-pos-terminalIn order to understand the value of a POS terminal in ensuring EI is not compromised let us know that a sale is yet to be made unless the customer makes the payment that leads to revenue generation. All the hard work and efforts in the algorithm of the buying process logically comes to a conclusion at the point of sales, i.e. the place of billing. When the POS terminal operates smoothly and fluidly it allows the personnel to maintain eye contact with the customer and probe into his mind. It allows the cash counter personnel to smile at the customer while accepting the payment that signifies a sense of gratitude for making the purchase from the concerned store. It enables a billing executive to carefully accept payments in cash or through a debit card or a credit card or a POS machine with ease while packing the goods purchased so that it is easy for the customer to carry the same. It may also be possible to ask the customer for a quick feedback and thus conduct a small but very effective market research that aids business intelligence and helps in better decision making. As such there are numerous benefits of using a great POS machine and hence it must be acknowledged that a smiling face of a billing executive (aided by the best POS terminal) can what an ordinary one can’t.


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