Enforcing the Compliance Mode of Governance Using CCTV Security Camera

A CCTV security camera and a touch screen monitor are small items that make great business sense to executives and business leaders that understand the importance of enforcing a compliance mode of governance. Given that there is a lot of talk on streamlining the issues of compliance, regulation and governance, it is worthwhile to understand and appreciate the fact these challenges can be resolved at the level of the floor shop by making use of technology that is affordable, reliable and high in terms of quality. Such technology that is simple to deploy and can keep a watch on business activities going on in crucial areas where every small unit of inventory, every smile, every good service to a customer counts calls for very little expenditure and great peace of mind.

sony-ccd-420tvl-camera2Incidents of shop lifting are very rare to come by. Yet when it happens it becomes the headline of the local daily and tarnishes the image of a retail outlet or a company in minutes. Nobody wants to be on the television screen or social media for the wrong reasons surrounded by the sentinels of law. The loss of tangible value on account of shop lifting is a big loss in itself and yet the loss of goodwill, the most important intangible asset exceeds that monetary loss. On top of that the fear and uncertainty that it creates in customers and employees alike is reflected in their body language and it is not exactly a very comfortable position to be in. These issues can be resolved by keeping the animal instincts in check by making use of a CCTV security camera, a touch screen monitor at the backend to view different corners of the shop or the office and a small team of security personnel that operate the system with good hands on training.

Even in the retail vertical business like quick service restaurants and flights, a CCTV security camera is a great tool to research and enquire into the emotional intelligence of staff. Issues like greeting customers with a smile, tendering exact change for billing, packing merchandise on request and saying a warm good bye at the end of the transaction matter a lot to the modern day shopaholic in Dubai. While Dubai is genuinely known for the warmth and hospitality of its people, there is a need to enable continuous learning by using CCTV camera Dubai has. Video footage of the day’s front end business can be recorded and used as a great training material for cross selling and up selling in Dubai.

Did not we hear an ace salesman on the CCTV camera Dubai asking the customer with a smile: “Do you want French fries with the order?” The answer from the customer was “yes”.


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