The Ease of Touch Screen Monitors and Touch Therapy for Retail

elo-1520-touch-screenTouch screen monitors have penetrated deep and wide into the consumer segments of goods such as smart phones, business phones, tablets and lots more. People love the user interface of touch screen monitors that allows them to do so much with a touch. Not only is it a treat to the eyes as such but saves time in a world that is constantly running after speed and chasing time like never before. Two things make life fast: communication and transport. The retail vertical as such needs to keep pace with the trends that are being set by the evolution of communication and transport so that customers get to enjoy not just services and products but also a plug and play experience that makes life easy. In the business segment or the professional segment touch screens can bring about a wide variety of positive changes in productivity and performance with instant plug and play solutions that Elo touch screen monitors offer.

Touch Screen Monitors at Billing

Think of the traditional billing counters that feature billing personnel at the counters in retail stores trying to race against time to fit in as many customers
as possible in per unit time so that they do not feel frustrated standing in the queue. The keyboard that is often fragile and makes the click sound is old and the buttons only get more fragile with every press. On the other hand in today’s retail stores it is possible to have touch screen based devices that work on finger print recognition and thus can be later used to check for the identities of the concerned sales executives for reference. These Elo screen monitors are much easier to operate than the keyboards that function like typewriters, are bulky and slower than the touch screen kiosks. Portable devices with touch screen monitors can be the way to go for retail sales executives as they cater to the requirements of a customer, offer products and services while in conversation with the customers and then don’t have to go anywhere else but pull out the touch screen monitor based billing device to generate a cash memo and collect the payment in cash or debit card or credit card.

Touch Screen Kiosks for FAQs

First time customers are hard to sell. The biggest challenge is to give them the complete picture in the form of crisp answers to the multiple questions that may be doing the rounds in their heads. In offices like banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms and more there are situations that can be better dealt by touch screen kiosks than people because the questions are repetitive and it is impossible for front desk executives to sustain the levels of emotional intelligence that they bring to the work place in the early morning for the entire day.

Think smart, Think touch screen monitors.


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