How to Streamline User Experience Using Retail Software Dubai Offers?

Retail software Dubai offers can be used to enhance end user experience in the aforesaid sector or vertical. Dubai is not just a great place to work. It is also a great place to indulge in shopping and unwind in the ambiance of the customer friendly malls and markets that the city offers. As such the retail vertical in Dubai rivals the very best in the global economy in sheer terms of availability of brands of various types, best quality products and the people in Dubai who extend a warm welcome to customers with their hospitality and problem solving skills.


The retail vertical is all about managing the floor shop and creating a reality distortion field (RDF) as quoted by Steve Jobs of Apple fame so that customers enjoy every bit of what they are paying for. One of the key challenges for firms in the retail vertical is to realize the fact that with the mushrooming of the retail vertical stores run the risk of imitating the assembly lines of factories and production units in Victorian Great Britain with hundreds of customers standing in long serpentine queues for long periods of time to their utter frustration. If a customer dislikes anything in the retail vertical in its brick and mortar format, then it is the concept of having to wait in queues and moving behind tons of customers in a system where his mobility, ability to see, compare and cherry pick brands from the available ones is restricted. In other words the user or the customer has to be given the much need space, freedom and luxury of running the show so that he feels like in charge of himself. No customer wants to be driven about inside a store like a car caught in the traffic snarls of New York of the 1970s that led to the New York Times calling it “Calcutta over Hudson Bay.”

Saloon Software and Warehouse Management System can do the Trick


It may appear subversive if not paradoxical that simple tools like saloon software and a warehouse management system can resolve the challenges that have been discussed about. The objective is to achieve the perfect strategic fit between customers and products by matching the availability of the right product with the right customers. As such there is a need for a front end management that gives freedom to the customer to choose and a back end management that enables the staff of a retail store to manage the stock of existing inventories of products. Both these functions are executed by using the twin combination of saloon software that streamlines the queues of customers and warehouse management software that monitors the inflow and outflow of inventories of merchandise. Happy buying to the shopper and happy business to the retailer!


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