How RFID Card Reader Offers a Cost Effective Solution for Real Time Logistics Tracking?

RFID card reader offers a top of the line solution to the logistics challenges of firms that belong to the MSME sector. While there is no dearth of solutions for logistics and supply chain management for blue chip multinational corporations, the case of MSMEs is vastly different. To begin with there is an increasing talk of the upcoming technologies like machine to machine communication, machine learning and artificial intelligence that base themselves on the extensive usage of big data and software applications. While software application development for logistics and supply chain is sophisticated and sounds very tech savvy there are ground level challenges that technocrats and programmers ignore.

The People and Capital Crunch in Logistics for MSMEs

rifd-card1The rationale in favour of these above stated technologies is based on the availability of software application development, maintenance and modernization resources that primarily include people and capital. For firms that belong to the MSME sector both of these challenges. Second, the usage of software apps for logistics and supply chain is based on the extensive usage of GPS that is again financially and technologically cumbersome to develop, operate and maintain. Under such circumstances firms that belong to the MSME sector can look forward to the usage of RFID card.

The Functional Benefits of RFID Dubai Enjoys

Dubai is a major export hub and with ever increasing openness shown by the country’s government, the prospects for firms that are willing to engage in international trade are only looking brighter. Second Dubai also happens to be a retail hub of Asia and is a great shopping tourism destination. On both accounts the RFID card reader is a great asset to have for streamlining supply chain and obtaining real time information on the movement of goods.

Comparative Benefits of RFID Card Reader

rifd-cardThere are obvious areas of advantage of the RFID card reader and especially so for firms of the MSME sector. To begin with, RFID card readers are portable and occupy less space. This element of portability is a big plus for small firms that often have fragmented spaces, time zones and scales to work with and thus detest from investing heavily in complex non-core fixed assets like GPS. Second, RFID card readers are easily available in the organized retail market than GPS devices. In cities like Dubai, the availability and accessibility of RFID card Dubai wins over its expensive counterpart GPS hands down. Third, RFID Dubai is in vogue due to the far less complicated nature of the technology involved and the lesser working capital blockage that it causes in comparison to GPS counterparts. Fourth when it comes to maintenance and repair RFID card Dubai gets lion share of votes from firms of the MSME sector.


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