CCTV Installation and Security Surveillance System for Heavy Industries

CCTV installation and security surveillance systems can come in handy for heavy industries. While there are still old fashioned ideas and arguments that people and not technology are more reliable, these are more often myths that need a demolition drive. It makes enormous good sense to assert that the heavy industry vertical or the manufacturing sector of an economy depends on the streamlined flow and management of inventories. These inventories can be classified into three basic groups namely: raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. The handling of these three groups of inventories and the inflow and outflow of this merchandise determines the smooth functioning of heavy industries like chemicals, metallurgy, heavy engineering, electronics, computer hardware and automobile. With growth in business, volumes of production increase and the complexities involve in supervising and monitoring the movement of inventories becomes a challenge.

2-camera-cctv-systemsAny business challenge has two fold interpretations. For example in the context of heavy industries that very regularly invest in the purchase and sale of inventories of the three types mentioned above there has to be a corporate system that enhances speed, on time delivery and facilitates just in time delivery of made to order consignments at the clients’ destination. This obviously calls for a fast and rapid transit system that has to be smooth, hassle free and seamless with a minimum number of checks and inspections so that free mobility is achieved. Yet having said so, it shall only be fool-hardy to negotiate a compromise with inadequate security measures, negligence and inefficient record keeping of the mobilization of inventories. While the old fashioned business enterprises continue to argue that staff and managers have traditionally done a good job at handling inventories of all types and thus surveillance is best left to people, they fail to take cognizance of the fact that even assuming that all staff and managers are innocent until proven guilty, they are mortals and thus errors of commission and omission are bound to happen. The most efficient and effective management of inventories is done using simple and affordable security surveillance systems and CCTV installation at multiple points in the plant layout so that there is real time information and insights on the mobility of inventory without hindering the pace of work of the staff, supervisors and managers of the enterprise.

Voltaire once said that common sense is not so common and this can’t be more applicable in the context of surveillance because issues of breakdown, damage, wastage and theft are all people issues and hence there has to be a system design that does away with the dependence on people. CCTV installation and security surveillance systems are here for good of the heavy industry vertical. Roma locuta causa finita! Rome has spoken. The case is closed.


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